Delicious Sambal Plecing Bali Served with a Rice Weed

Turns out, plant weeds are not always annoying. Gonda for example, this plants cloud be processed into a super delicious food. In Bali it is usually served with Sambal Plecing.

This plant is known as Gondo in Bali, while in Central Java it is commonly called Gundo and in West Java it is known as Gunda. Farmers are usually rather annoyed when these plants grow in their fields because it makes rice growth disrupted.

But in the hands of Balinese women, this plant can actually be a delicious meal. At first glance this plant is exactly like water spinach, where it grows also in rice fields or waterlogged swamp.

In Bali, Gonda is one of favorite vegetable. The delicious taste makes these vegetables often processed into dishes. One of the favorites things to do with Gonda is to served it with spicy and chili sauce like Sambal Plecing.

Not only in Bali, in Java, Gonda is also became popular as a Pecel mixture, another Indonesian delicacy. Even the people also often process it with only steamed and then eaten with chili sauce.

Because it has a promising selling value, there are even farmers who intentionally open land to plant Gonda trees.

Not only delicious, according to a study conducted in 2013, gonda contains a lot of nutrients ranging from vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium and certainly high in chlorophyll. With these nutrients, gonda has the potential to be a healthy and tasty alternative food.