How to Make Balinese Plecing Kangkong

Kangkong/Kangkung or water spinach is one of the most common vegetables that could be found in Indonesia. Not just tasty, Kangkong also healty with nutrients like Kalium, Kalsium, Magnesium, Iron, and Phosphor. It's also good for diet since kangkung have low calori.

One way to eat kangkong is to boil it and served it with sambal, a traditional chili paste, like Plecing Kangkong.

Plecing kangkong is a side dish made from blanched kangkong topped with chili sambal. It is very simple, have some savory flavor, hot, and feel fresh. Plecing kangkong originally came from Lombok, but can also be found in Bali next to chicken/duck Betutu. The difference between these two is in the sambal. In Lombok version, they add kencur (a spice related to ginger which have distinct aroma and taste) and use bean sprout along with kangkong.

So how do we make this sambal?


  1. 40 grams of peeled red onions
  2. 175 grams of seedless big red chilies
  3. 20 grams of red peppers
  4. 65 grams of local red tomatos
  5. 2 grams of sea salt
  6. 8 grams of brown sugar
  7. 70 grams of oil
  8. 6-8 grams of lime juice
  9. 8 grams of terasi (roasted shrimp paste)

How to make the sambal:

First we're going to peel all the red onions. Then cut the red peppers and chilies into half and clean the seeds. After that, cut red tomato into four pieces then cut them again into thin slices. 

Now get your mortar and pestle ready to grind all the ingredients together. Before you grind the chillies, you could crush it first with your mortar to make it easier to soften it. After that, you can throw in slices of the red peppers and the salt suit to your taste. Continuing this until the mixture mix perfectly and turns to pasta. Then add the sliced tomatoes.

Once everything looks good, get your oil ready and heat it up. As an alternative, you could use a healthier low-cholesterol corn oil. When it’s hot enough, add in all the mashed ingredients and wait until it’s all cooked and smell nice.

Once it’s finished, add more salt, the roasted shrimp paste, and also add the brown sugar. Stir it until everything is evenly mixed, then lastly add the lime juice. Stir it again for good measure and serve.

How to prepare the kangkong:

Preparing the kangkung is an easy task, we could even do it while making the sambal.

First, fill the pot with a tap water and then boil it. For flavor, we could just add little salt in it.

Then add the water spinach and cook for a while to make it slightly boiled. This way the kangkung will still have a slight crunchy texture on it.

Once they cooked, remove immediately from the boiling salt water. 

Place the kangkung on the serving plate and then pour the sambal over the kangkung. Serve it as a side dish along with rice and main dish like fried chicken/fish.