Penglipuran Village in Bali, the Cleanest Village in the World

Bali is the belle of Indonesian tourism. There are many interesting sights there, one of them is Penglipuran Village which is known as the cleanest village in the world.

Penglipuran Village, which is located in Bangli Subdistrict, won the cleanest village in the world and received the Kalpataru award. Kalpataru Award itself is an awards given to individuals or groups for their services in preserving the environment in Indonesia. The village has officially become a tourist village since 1993. The village is also famous for displaying Balinese culture with various buildings, traditional crafts and food.

Having an area of ​​112 hectares consisting of residential areas, fields and bamboo forests, this tourist village still maintains traditional life. Balinese-style houses are neatly lined on the right and left of the road, while the streets in the middle are made of rocks, trees and flowers. decorating the edge of the road makes this village atmosphere look attractive.

At the front of the house also looks penjor installed with a red and white flag. Cleansing is maintained because in every corner there is a trash can and there is a ban on littering obeyed. Motor vehicles also do not appear so that the air feels comfortable and pollution free. To enter the Penglipuran tourist village, visitors are charged IDR 15,000 per person.

From the entrance, we can walk to the left first and down the road with typical houses. Nearly every home owner will offer handicrafts or food and drinks sold to visitors. In the opposite direction other than the residents' houses there is also a large Penataran Temple, if visitors walk on, behind the temple is a bamboo forest that is quite extensive and soothing.

Doing travel with the weather like now where rain can fall at any time, makes us always have to maintain health and to avoid getting wind, always keep the wind that is proven to overcome the cold with packets that are easy to carry anywhere there is no reason not to carry the wind.

In Penglipuran Village there are also rules that must be obeyed, among others, each visitor is required to buy a ticket, visitors must maintain cleanliness and dispose of garbage in its place, visitors are required to maintain their luggage, visitors must park the vehicle at a designated place holy / temple is obliged to wear traditional clothes and accompanied by a guide, every visitor who will fly a drone must report to obtain a permit and visitors who want to stay please report to the officer.

The facilities in this tourist village are also complete, parking lots, food and drink stalls, toilets and lodging. Staying in a traditional village is a different experience and worth a try. Happy traveling!