4 Best Zoos in Bali, Perfect for Holidays with Children

The zoo is one of the fun recreational places. Not only seeing unique animals, in zoos we can also learn many things.

The number of cute animals at the zoo also makes it a favorite place for children. If you visit Bali, don't worry about losing the opportunity to play with children at the zoo here.

Not only one, there are four zoos that you can visit while in Bali.

Bali Zoo

Bali Zoo or Bali Zoo is the oldest zoo in Bali located in Gianyar Regency. Within an area of 12 hectares, you can find 350 species of reptiles, poultry, mammals and rare animals from Indonesia and from abroad.

Every Wednesday and Saturday night, there is an event called "Night at the Zoo" which is known as one of the best attraction of animals at the Bali Zoo. This attractions opened around 06:00 - 09:00 PM. If you are interested, you can invite children or nieces here. Not only that, you are also allowed to take pictures directly with pets.

Bali Bird Park

From the name alone, you can immediately guess what kind of this tourist spot will be. Here, you can find around 250 species of birds from Indonesia, South America and Africa.

Not just birds, this tourist spot also has more than 2,000 tropical plants. After play with the birds, you can immediately take the kids to this park. In addition to knowing the types of birds, children can also recognize various types of plants. Fun, right?

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Compared to the two zoos above, Bali Safari and Marine Park are much vast. The land area reaches 40 hectares and is filled with 400 species of rare animals from 60 different species. These rare animals come from Indonesia, South America and Africa.

Here, you are given the opportunity to adventure with rare animals. Don't forget to take pictures with white starlings, tapirs, pigs, deer and Sumatran tigers, which are now endangered and only remain few in the world.

Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding

To be more familiar with sea turtles, you can come to Deluang Sari Turtle Breeding which is located near Tanjung Benoa. The turtles here are protected by the government because their species are very rare.

Arriving here, the tour guide will explain how to live turtles, including how to lay eggs to raise children. Both adults and children are both allowed to hold turtles. But children must be accompanied by adults to avoid unwanted events.

From those zoos, which one will be your next tourist destination? Besides traveling, you can also provide education to your child or niece in a fun way.