Pandawa Beach in Bali - Hidden Gem in South Bali

Bali is very synonymous with the beach. Even though it has many other attractions, the beauty of Bali's beaches never fails to amuse us. If you plan to visit the beach in Bali, the southern part of Bali is a place that you should go to. One of the hidden beaches here is Pandawa Beach, which has a stunning natural beauty.

Located close enough from the beach of Nusa Dua, the beauty of Pandawa Beach is not inferior to other beaches in Bali. To go to the Pandawa beach, we will pass the road that divides towering limestone cliffs. Before entering the beach you will be greeted by a Five Pandawa statue, which is carved in chalk. Starting from Yudhistira, Bima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sadewa, the five were beautifully and uniquely carved.

Arriving at this beach, we can immediately see its beauty. White sand with a soft texture spread from end to end. The water is very clear and clean, with the sound of the waves pounding loudly in the distance. Swimming, playing water or just relaxing can be done on this beach.

Secret/Hidden Beach Pandawa Beach in South Bali

The origin of Pandawa Beach

Unlike most other beach tours that are deliberately made to attract visitors. Pandawa Beach is "forced" to be opened to the public because of the demand of so many visitors.

The history of Bali's Pandawa Beach starts from the frequent use of this place as the place to run the Melasti Ceremony. This ceremony is a kind of ritual purification for Hindus in preparation for Nyepi Day. Therefore, local residents call it Melasti Beach.

It's very difficult to reach this place. Villagers must be willing to walk at least 4 km (2.5 mile), down a steep road, and up and down the cliff to be able to carry out the ritual here.

So remote, no one knows the existence of this beach other than the surrounding community. Until one day, some foreign tourists who wanted to find a more private place to surf began to explore this destination located in South Bali.

Of course information about the location of Bali Pandawa Beach is obtained not from reviews of hotel or tourist booking sites, but from word of mouth.

They like surfing here because they think the waves are good. Because they do not know the exact name and the public is also confused what the real name of this beach is, tourists also call it "Secret Beach".

In 2004 when there were more visitors, road access began to be built. But it is not completely perfect. Visitors are no longer foreign tourists, but domestic tourists too.

In 2010, there were more visitors. This made the village instructors (the authorities in the village) begin to take steps. They plan to open this destination into a tourist area.

Finally on December 27, 2012, Melasti Beach was designated as a tourist area. Because Melasti is just a nickname, then another suitable name is sought, namely Bali Pandawa Beach. As a promotional event, the organizers held a festival called the Pandawa Beach Festival in 2012.

Why choose the name Pandawa? 

Because in the Book of Mahabharata, the Pandawa family which came from the royal family were told that they had lost the fight and were held captive by the enemy.

However, they managed to escape to the forest by digging secret paths and working hard to build their strength again in the forest.

With the spirit of togetherness between the family and the surrounding community, they finally succeeded in building their own kingdom called Amertha. The people were able to prosper.

The Kutuh Village community considers that there is a similarity between the Pandawa story and the history of Bali's Pandawa Beach. Because of that, the name is chosen.