Why You Must Visit Bali at Least Once in Yout Life Time

The popularity of Bali as a world tourist destination need not be doubted. Not only interesting for local visitors, there are many tourists from various countries who want to visit Bali. TripAdvisor Site Even always includes Bali as the best island in the world every year.

If you have never been to Bali, you should consider this beautiful island as your next travel destination. With its million charms, Bali is one of the places you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

If you still doubt, this is the reason why you need Bali.

Why you should visit bali at least once in your lifetime

1. Friendly People

Many foreign and local tourists often come to Bali for this one reason. Did you know? Like most other Indonesians, Balinese people are also known for being friendly and always smiling. This reason alone is a consideration for those who have been to Bali and make them want to come back here.

Besides that, crime rate in Bali is considered very low. This makes Bali worthy of being enjoyed with the whole family.

2. Foods

If the reason for this one does not need to be doubted. Bali is also famous for its delicious and satisfying culinary tours that will spoil your mouth watery. The choices also range from vegetables to meat cooked with exotic herbs.

Some Balinese foods that you have to try are Chicken Betutu, Sambal Plecing, Rice Tepeng, Satai Lilit, Lawar Kuwir, or Tipat Blayag.

3. Rich in Culture and History

Although in contact with modern technology, Bali still does not forget the culture and history that they have. This custom is even consistently implemented in their daily lives. This historical and diverse cultural heritage makes Bali feels very different from other interesting islands in the world.

If you are interested in Balinese history and culture, there are many places you can visit. Starting from the temple which is a reference for religious people to worship such as Gunung Kawi Temple or Uluwatu Temple. Besides that there are also traditional villages that are still thick with traditional nuances such as Penglipuran Village.

4. Beautiful Beach

Calling Bali's name would not be complete without mentioning the word 'beach'. Bali itself is very famous for its beautiful beaches and scenery that can spoil you while on vacation.

Some of the beaches that are quite popular in Bali include Nusa Dua Beach, Kuta beach, Jimbaran beach, or Tanah Lot beach. If you choose a quieter place, there are also hidden beaches such as Gunung Payung, Bias Tugel beach, Atuh beach, and Geger beach.

Beautiful Tanah Lot Beach

5. Bali Is Not Just Beaches

Even though it is famous for its beautiful beaches, Bali has something else you can try. Climb the mountain, relax in the pool, enjoy dancing in the local studio, rafting, visit local residents, learn to make wood crafts, all you can do here.

If you like a calm and beautiful atmosphere, you can even choose to stay in the middle of rice fields between hills with a very natural nuance.

6. Shopping Heaven

For those of you who love shopping, Bali is one of the reasons why you should come here! Besides being inexpensive and affordable, the knick knacks offered vary.

You can buy handicrafts that are very charming and will be very difficult to find anywhere else in the world.

7. Nonstop Entertainment

Bali Island is an entertainment paradise with a variety of activities to choose from. Not only that, you can enjoy all the beauty and recreation in Bali for 24 hours without stopping. If you like to party hard, almost all beaches in Bali are held party every night.